Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Make Your Bills Do Double Duty

Many large companies use their invoices and statements as an effective means to communicate to their customers. Financial documents are one of the few types of mail that are promptly opened and read, which gives you the advantage of immediate access to your clients. That’s an opportunity that should not be missed. But even so, some companies often overlook the benefits of using their invoices and bills as a tool to deliver important information to their customers.

This is a little surprising because almost all businesses can drastically reduce the cost of sharing information with clients, and sometimes the bills are the only regular communication a customer receives. Especially when you consider the postage is already paid for when messages are included with your bill.

How Can I Use My Bills to Communicate?
  • New Product or Service Announcements
  •  Upselling Services
  •  Requesting Customer Feedback
  •  Sharing Testimonials
  • Coupons and Special Discounts
  • Opening Branches and Address Changes
  • Legal Notices

 The list is nearly endless, but realistically, it’s not what you put into the bill that is important as much as making the most of the touch point and reconnecting with your customer.

You Create the PDF, We Do the Rest

Adding a letter-size PDF flyer to your bills is as easy as using DocuSend itself, and it only costs as little as a dime for black or as little as $.17 for color. Just upload your PDF bill file as you normally would, select “Add an Insert” and upload your PDF insert to be included with your bills.

Compared to other ways of promoting your business, creating a unique customized insert is by far the least expensive, quickest, and easiest method of sharing information about your business. So before you do a special mailing, consider letting DocuSend make your bills do Double Duty.

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